Digital, Public Radio SEO
I was Googling around a few public radio websites this morning.  I was curious about what popped up when searched their call letters.  I got a bit of a surprise.

Many stations have not claimed their Knowledge Panel.  You MUST do it today.

What’s a knowledge panel?  It’s the box of information Google displays on the right side of search results.  Up until late last June, Google populated this box with elements it thinks are relevant.  For the most part they are pretty benign and in line with what you would want on there. You’ve probably seen this panel and even felt a bit proud to see your station portrayed in this favorable light.

But now your station is at a bit risk.  Getting verified is a pretty straightforward process.  There is a small risk that someone not associated with your station could claim your panel and populate it with negative information, but since it takes about five minutes to get verified, why take that risk.

A world of goodness opens up to your station when once verified.  You’ll have greater control over what Google displays in the Knowledge Panel including images and other information.   Quick example, you’ll be able to get a graphic for a speciality show you want to promote that Google doesn’t think is important enough to rank in your panel.  

So to get verified, start by Googling your call letters and look at the bottom of the panel. You’ll see the “Claim this Knowledge Panel” link at the bottom of the page.  Once you get to the verification website, you’ll be asked a few questions and you’ll need to log into another Google service to prove you’re the owner (which an enterprising hacker could figure out how to do.).
There are several things you can change.  Well, you’re not really changing them yourself.  You’re ‘suggesting’ that Google make these changes.  Here’s their doc on the rules.   Changing featured images is the most important one.  Some can be really handy for events.  You can suggest the schedule for a music festival or other event.  Stay up on the knowledge panel and you have another promotion avenue.  

I’d be interested in knowing if stations can modify their knowledge panel to include a topic schedule for their local talk or other programming.  

Be sure to claim your panel before you leave work today!