Is Spotify Missing the Public Radio Point?

I was reading what I thought would be an interesting story about Spotify’s strategic direction.  But I kept thinking something was not quite right. My public radio synapses kept misfiring. 

“When you look at the landscape overall, and you think about something like radio, the truth is that the vast majority of the minutes that are being spent on radio today haven’t yet moved online,” Spotify CEO Daniel Ek conceded Thursday.  

—-How does he know it ever will? Trends change, new technologies emerge.   How do I know it won’t?  I don’t.   BUT…

The rest of the article talks about the User Experience in terms of fast forwarding and speeding up content to shorten run times.   The real user experience is the curation that public radio stations engage in every day.  Funny how that word isn’t is the story. It’s a strategy of maximum aggregation.

It’s the difference between quality and quantity. Quality is why our cumes are up… that and say, the President!

*Disclosure:  Spotify is my main music “holding pen” much like that crate of albums I used to have… but much lighter.   It doesn’t displace my terrestrial radio listening. It where I go after I discover music on radio…. I don’t think that will change.