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Today’s Tip: You Need a Public Radio SEO Expert

The SEO Expert
A SEO Expert in your shop can make sure you rank higher in google for search terms that could attract non-listeners to your site and air.  Search Engine Optimization is really just a way of structuring the language you use in your posts.  Let's say someone searches "Public Radio in City-x"  chances are your station will pop up.  But most people search based on an interest or news story of the day.  Google "Midterm elections in YourState*"  and click on the news tab.  There's a 95% chance you WON'T see your station, or even any other public radio in your state in the top five or even 20 results.  Kudos to Reno Public Radio for being number one under news and KNPR for being number three for "Midterm Elections in Nevada."

What you can do today
Every story you post on the web should start with the header "Midterm Elections in YourState." and that phrase should be repeated three or more times in the body of the story.  Sure, most of us for time just copy and paste the broadcast script to the post, but they are two different nomenclatures.  
For most of us, SEO is one of those foggy things so thick with ever changing algorithms that we push it aside in our priority list.  We figure that since we announce the website hundreds of times a day we're good.  SEO can capture people who search for common terms who are not in your cume and bring them in.  
*Music stations can use the phrase "Top songs in "YourMarket/State"
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