Rebranding for Increased Ratings and Revenues

Most stations pay too little attention to their brand.  And why should we.  NPR's brand is overarching.  Most stations have been in business for so long that everyone, we think, knows what we are.

But brands change, their messages change.  Brands learn so they can increase sales.  Sometimes a major event in our business gives us the opportunity to redefine our station's brand.

What if changing our brand could increase our ratings and revenues?  I'm going to be a little provocative here and say something that we all know.  Our Brands Are BORING. They are risk adverse. They float under radar of other brands in the market.

Let's take advantage of the current "enemy of the people" hysteria to attract people to us.  Maybe our logos should all be red and blue... or purple?  I'm only half joking here.  We're at a crossroads in journalism and media. Capitalizing on this turbulent time makes us stronger in the future.

Sell The Content First

Sell The News


People come to us for our content. The foundation of our brands is news or music.

Sell Radio

The Architecture

Radio as a medium as brand promises and elements that no other medium has. OTA and Digital combined is the power of radio.

Sell The Format

The Framing

All stations have a variety of programming that needs to be incorporated into the sell.

Sell the Station

Cabinets, Paint and Wallpaper

Every station also has an individual personality. Your PD works hard to create a sound your brand can extend.

  • Sell The News:
    That's our business and it's the American Public's passion.  Especially now! It's the foundation our house is built on. While the way we cover the news is different than commercial radio.  We're still selling the news, or music.  The American public, including our listeners, are oriented to the 24-hour news cycle.

  • Sell Radio:
    We're the best fastest medium.  Sure, you can argue that social media could be faster, but it's still not the clearest or most reliable.  Is it comrade? So elements of our brands include speed, accessibility and interactivity.

  • Sell The Format:
    Our formats include a variety of related content. Looking at how each of these elements complement the brand is the most difficult part of your stations brand promise. There are ways convey that all encompassing brand but you focusing on the most important part of the station could be the way to go too.

  • Sell The Station:
    Now it's time to actually condense all this down into the more familiar parts of radio branding.  Putting all this together into positioning statements, marks, and other visual and audio cues is the fun part of branding.

We'll tackle the execution of turning scattered thoughts into a coherent brand in future posts.