Services Designed To Increase Your Impact


“It isn’t advertising if it doesn’t sell”  — Don Draper

Our services start by defining how much we can increase your cume, time exposed, sustainer percentage and other high value metrics.
No matter what your budget or station size, Yasko Associates can build you an audience growth strategy

The traditional ways of marketing stations to potential listeners has become a more exact science.

Our team can create a customized plan or you can purchase one of our “outside the box” solutions.  Start with one project and procede to the next when you’re ready.  

We’ll keep in touch and provide consultive support to your growth plan.

Let's Turn Them Into Listeners

There are a variety of ways to reach non-listeners and add them to your cume.

She Wants To Be Asked

She tweets, pins, posts, streams and clicks. Our goal is to get her to click her way to you.

Branding and Positioning

Branding goes beyond a logo and an on-air slogan. It's the promise you make to your listeners every day. We can construct a branding program by listening to you, your staff and your listeners. And it's not the same reason for every station.

Content Analysis

The first step in figuring out if you're heading in the right direction is to quantify and qualify your local news or music content. It's a look at how your station presents itself.

Strategic Planning

You can't get to the next level without a roadmap and the gumption to follow it. We'll be there from the phone call and committee creation to document creation and post-plan monitoring.

Audience Surveys

We'll construct, administer and analyze a series of questions designed to find out WHY listeners listen and WHY non listeners don't. Many times stations are looking a silver bullet. We believe we can find you the tools you need to modify your approach to increase Exposure Time.


We'll take you beyond mapping your membership database to geographic areas with similar attributes but don't listen. Then you can go round them up into your cume.

Micro Targeting

It's easier than you think to reach specific people at specific times to engage them with your station. We can develop a set of demographics of non listeners and persuade them to tune in based on their interests.

We Employ Design Thinking To Achieve Your Goals

We engage you and your stakeholders in a conversation to determine how to take your 
station to the next level.  We get everyone on the same page and keep them there to reduce 
conflicts and detours on the way to your goals.

The Chat

Define the Challenge and The Goal.

Analysis and Due Diligence

Is the Goal Achievable? Define the Path To Success.

Action Plan and Benchmarks

Create the Roadmap each department follows to achieve the goals.

Monitoring and Modification

Ensure goal is met or modified based on market circumstances.