Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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I drop words when I type

Ugh,  I recently wrote a post that was full of typos and dropped words.  Sometimes I type so fast that my mind and fingers don’t keep up with each other.

Even though I proofed the post a few times and made the corrections, I didn’t hit the final update button in WordPress.  How embarrassing!

But the real point of this post is to remind us that owning up to our errors is an important part of our professional growth.

I’m not sure the psychology correct term is for this condition.  I often wonder when it started, because I really don’t remember doing this when I was just starting out.

Back then I would have my fair share of grammatical errors and misspellings, but dropping entire words.  The problem is that spell checkers and grammar checkers don’t often catch a drop word.  Leaving out “no” can change the whole meaning of a sentence, not to mention causing confusion for the reader, and the checkers don’t know what you meant to type is different from what you actually did type.

So I’ll leave it there and if you have any crazy stories about how you write and edit, please leave them in the comments

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