Don't plan your strategy alone
Our strategic planning service isn't hand holding, but it's not butt kicking either.  Your station or organization can develop the right plan for your future based on research, modeling and decision making to achieve your vision for the future.  
The Chat

Change Is Scary

You've got that feeling. You know you have a structural challenge that needs to change. Strategic Planning can solve that one problem or you can plan the entire station's future for the next five to ten years. It all starts with a phone call. Maybe you just need to blow off steam or maybe you're ready to tackle it head on. That's what The Call will tell you.

Are you ready?

Reasonable Goals

Your goal may be too big.... for now. We analyze your financials, changes in your revenue and expense trends to determine what changes you stations needs to make to get ready for the next level. We will look at your audience estimates and digital analytics to determine what changes can improve your net revenue.

Decision Time

Your Options

We'll discuss our findings and make recommendations you can act on. For small projects we might recommend adjustments to a departments works flows to be more efficient. For far reaching projects, we will provide you a roadmap to include all your stakeholders.

The Committee

We Manage The Process

Strategic Planning Committees exist to bring stakeholders together to agree on the plan and the mileposts to recognize when you achieve your goals. The challenge becomes to find the right donors, licensee officials, civic leaders and staff members who can understand what they are constructing is bigger than their own agendas. We will manage the meetings, provide requested information and alert you to any direction changing issues.

The Report

We Make the Manual

We put the committee's work into a document that you, your staff and your board can use as a manual for the future. It will contain goals and the commitments to get there. Strategic Plans are optimistic documents so we will remind you why you did this in the first place. And we will create print and electronic versions.


We Stay With You For The Long Haul

We won`t let your plan, or you, gather dust. As an additional service, we'll compare your financial, fundraising and programming progress against your plan at regular intervals. We'll let you know when you're hitting a guardrail and correct the course back to success.