Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Stephen Yasko Associates

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Visioning is like a Rainbow

Creating a shared vision is like a rainbow.  There’s a pot of gold at the end, but first you have climb and slide down.

The climbing is the hard part.  It requires strategic decision making making about how to make everyone feel included.

Once you do the heavy lifting, you’ll gain momentum and fall into that pot of gold.  Just be sure not to fall off!

Feel Free to use Stephen Yasko’s Visioning Template as a jumping off point for your own Visioning or Goals Setting meeting.  It’s set up so  you have the first few slides to talk about the analogy and what a Vision is and isn’t.  From there, you can use Steve Yasko’s Template to add on your own specific slides.  You should spend some time looking over your own data so you can incorporate it on the appropriate slides

Vision Generic